Zebranie Regentów Seminarium

Drodzy Państwo,

Dnia 12 października miało się odbyć zebranie Regentów Seminarium, na którym mieli debatować czy cofnąć swoją wcześniejszą rekomendację do Rady Regentów Orchard Lake Schools, w której postulowali zamknięcie Seminarium.

Dużo obiecywaliśmy sobie po tym zebraniu. Przed zebraniem wysłaliśmy dwa emaile do każdego z Regentów Seminarium, w których przedstawialiśmy nasze polskie argumenty i prosiliśmy o niezamykanie seminarium.

Niestety to zebranie się nie odbyło, zostało przełożone, bez konkretnej daty i bez podania do publicznej wiadomości powodu takiej decyzji. Udało nam sie dowiedzieć, że wysłano jakieś zapytania do Episkopatu Polskiego i ciągle oczekiwana jest odpowiedź.

Gdy będzie nam coś więcej wiadomo w tej sprawie, zostaniecie Państwo powiadomieni e-mailowo. Proszę również zaglądać na naszego Facebook’a „Polskie Lobby”.

Poniżej cytujemy nasze dwa e-maile wysłane do Regentów. Podajemy również listę Regentów Seminarium.

Polskie Lobby

Email numer 1:

To the Board of the SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary


In the coming days, you along with the rest of the Board of SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary are going to meet again and revisit the previous decision to close by the end of the school year 20/21 the only Polish seminary in the United States of America. According to the information from the OLS website there are three major reasons why you have decided that was the time to close it. In short:

1.      Declining enrolment.

2.      More vocational opportunities in Poland for young men.

3.      The recent policy change that does not allow Polish seminarians to change their seminary.

We, the members of the Polskie Lobby, are aware that all seminaries around the world have problems with enrollment, and so we are not surprised that ours has the same issue. Fortunately, OLS has had experience in dealing with this kind of situation. Several years ago, St. Mary’s Prep did not have enough students and was fiscally dependent on the seminary to survive. The seminary took care of the failing school. And now, when St. Mary’s Prep is booming and building a new addition to the school, the seminary is being abandoned.

We know about the current changes in socio-political life in Poland, but it is hard for us to imagine that young men thinking about their professional future will deliberate becoming a priest. We hope that it is more a calling than anything else. Nobody is looking for a priest who treats priesthood as a career.

However, the most important point that was made was about the change in the law. Fortunately, it was already explained in the letters from Polish bishops. We are sorry to say that you were misled.

We understand that you are in a difficult situation. Just a few weeks ago you decided to close the seminary and now you are asked to revisit your previous position due to the new information that was not available to you before.

Things happen and we all make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. Winston Churchill once said: “All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes”. You are lucky. Not everyone has a chance to redo what they have done.

Please, think of your good fortune. Consider the trustees who came before you who helped and advised rectors and professors and were part of educating over two thousand new priests. This seminary is truly important to Polonia. It should be important to OLS. We hope that there is future for SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary as long as there are good people among us.

We wish for your thoughtful deliberation. May God bless you and SS. Cyril and Methodius Seminary.

Thank you for your time.

Polskie Lobby

Email numer 2:

Dear Seminary Regents,

You play a very important role: you stand guard over the Polish- American and Christian heritage at Orchard Lake. Please take care of this heritage. Protect it for us, for you, and for future generations.

Polskie Lobby

Polish-American Community Group

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